When we come across the Coronado bridge, everything melts away. Seeing the water, the beach and the Del instills a sense of peace and gives us that feeling of coming home. We love to start or end our days at the beach, because every aspect of being there is therapeutic. We've noticed that people can get caught up in carrying out their beach items, only to then sacrifice more time setting up just so they can relax and enjoy. We daydreamed of ideas that would alleviate people of having to do either of those things so that they could enjoy every minute of being at the beach. We wanted to be able share that therapeutic feeling of truly being able to relax and unwind. To share what we experience everyday without any of the hassle and with all the comforts of home. 

The magical aspect of daydreams, are their ability to transport you into another world or mindset. That feeling when everything falls away and you're in your own little bubble for a short time. Daydreams are relaxing, but often times can do so much more. They entertain our wildest thoughts, give our minds a much needed break, and allow us time to drift into a peaceful place. Our goal was to make our daydreams reality by creating an oasis that encouraged our minds to relax and unwind. 

Inspired by Bohemian decor, we pull inspiration to create a dreamy set-up. Using primarily Earth tones with a few pops of color, our tipi oasis marries with the surrounding beach landscape to generate an enchanting experience. We mix and match textures and patterns that come together and produce perfect harmony. We set-up our tipis on the beach so you hear the Ocean's beautiful melody while watching the sun dance off the water. 

Any of our tipi set-ups can be enjoyed on their own, but we offer delicious snacking options to further enhance your experience. Our charcuterie boards are the perfect addition to complete a beautiful sunny day or magical sunset. We also offer several desserts for you to indulge in that are sure to satisfy.

We hope to set up a tipi for you soon so you can see first hand the experience that we provide, and so we create a magical moment of your own.

-Crown Town Tipi Team